Fluffy White Cat's Amazing Smile & LOUD Meow Has Made Him Internet Famous

If you haven't heard of Thurston before, you're in for a delight. If you're familiar with the peculiar cat, you're still in for a treat. Thurston made his Internet debut on Vine six years ago, and in October of 2016 he moved to Instagram and YouTube where he has been thriving all this time.

What has propelled Thurston into Internet stardom? His smile and meow and the endearing purrsonality behind his talents, both his and the humans that take such very good care of him!

Thurston Waffles has a delightful chirp and a toothy-grin. He loves shrimp, a lot. So much so, that shrimps (or shrump) is the butt of many jokes. If you've never met him before, you're about to fall hopelessly in love.

On October 27th, 2016 a cat named Thurston posted to Instagram for the first time.

He wasn't new to the Internet but his family shifted platforms from Vine to Instagram and YouTube.

Filled with enthusiasm, they jumped right in with a pawsitive attitude.

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We have a feeling Instagram will be pawesome!

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Thurston's meow and his family's purrsonalities made for a great combo, and there's few things in life as delightful as watching a kitty enjoy a good walk on a leash. It's just cute, ok?

Thurston on Catnip is also HYSTERICAL.

Thurston began to be featured in memes, both by a fan-following and his family.

As Thurston's family grew, so did the opportunities for his purrsonality to shine.

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Fast friends!

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Thurston quietly gained followers on Instagram.

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And his family was proud of his success but it was never really "about that." They never imagined their sweet, spunky cat would delight so many people across the world.

On Thurston Waffles' RedBubble Page, his family said:

When we started posting Thurston videos online 6 years ago, we never could have imagined people would take such an interest in him. We have always thought of Thursty as our strange, noisy little white goblin, and the videos we have put out into the world over the years were always just a way for us to share the happiness (and headaches) he’s given us.

Over time, Thurston's followers have grown to well over 300k and his videos and photos have become even more enjoyable.

The exceptionally fluffy, loud-meowing, cat continues to capture hearts every day.

Thurston has his own subreddit, r/thurstonwaffles where fans share compilation videos, incredible art, and hilarious memes.

According to posts on Instagram, Thurston Waffles lives with his family in the cold, cold US state of North Dakota. The fact that North Dakota is cold as heck more than it's warm as heck is the main reason you always see Thurston in his fluffy glorious-ness, no ridiculous haircuts or trims needed for happiness.

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Bringing that Goblin Energy 😹 #shrimpcomp

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A LOT of people consistently inquire as to what breed the delightful cat is, but the answer remains unclear... for now.

Late 2019, Thurston's family sent his DNA off to be evaluated but results can take up to 2 months, so we eagerly await the announcement.

The most common speculations about what kind of cat Thurston is almost always circles to and from a Ragdoll, a Maine Coon, or even a little bit of both.

Thurston Waffles' family also regularly updates their YouTube channel with delightful videos and compilations of everything that helps make this shrimp-loving catto the delight we can't get enough of. Once you find yourself immersed in shrump culture, you cannot escape.

What do you think of Thurston? If you love him then you'll also love some other cats we've featured like Mocha the Highlander Lynx and Cricket the One-Eyed Cat!

Don't forget to share the cat-love with your cat-lovin' friends right meow!

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