If You Haven't Enjoyed Cats Enough Lately, We've Got You Covered

It's been another week and it wasn't the best one we've ever had. So, why not treat yourself and enjoy the latest and greatest of cat content that the Internet has to offer us? When it comes to laughing or ooh'ing and ahh'ing at kitties, there is always room for more. Literally, always.

Especially with holidays around the corner, the cats are taking their shenanigans up a notch so there is no shortage of humor to be found and we are about to prove it.


2. Different Purrsonalities

3. "Anti-gravity Christmas tree height tester."

4. You simply must pay the toll.

5. What kitty doesn't like, hooman doesn't get.

6. Fishing is serious business.

7. "Neighbor's cat looking through my bathroom window."

8. Oh no!!!

9. I can't wait to read his work

10. But first, selfie.

11. I mean... I'd hire her.

12. "Mad about Christmas outfit and getting pic taken. She's just generally angry about everything."

13. You can see themischief in her eyes.

14. "These are dark times we live in."

15. Look at this BEAUTIFUL baby

16. This also has a lot to do with their feisty dispositions.

17. "Oh, Christmas tree, Oh, Christmas tree. Your ornaments are history."


19. "It appears the new addition and the old guard are getting along famously..."

20. Majestically Running

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