Time-Lapse Shows a Tiny Little Maine Coon Kitten Grow Up Into a Magnificent Beast And We Are Melting

Warren Photographic, a UK photo studio, is known for its expertise in photographing fur-babies.

While all our furry-friends are equally as gorgeous (in our opinion), a particular portfolio on work is getting extra public attention - The photos of a Maine Coon cat named Freya.

Cats reach full maturity by around 6-8 months in age and change A LOT in this time period. Warren Photographic documented Freya's first 10 months with an awesome 26 second time-lapse video that shows the cute kitten grow into a seriously striking looking cat.

Check out the gorgeous photos below. This has DEFINITELY made me want to take monthly mile-stone photos of my pet!


This is one everything

Three weeks old <3

Actually cannot handle the tininess

I can actually hear this photo

.... Eyes are OPEN!

Sleepy kitty

Such a cutie!

Looking playful and cheeky!

The majestic video of the time lapse

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