Tiny Kitten Has Melted The Hearts Of Many With Its Irresistibly Adorable Size

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Have you ever heard the saying, "good things come in small packages"? Meet 'Widdle' - the very small cat with a huge heart and an even bigger personality. Widdle arrived at the feline rescue 'The Kitten Inn' in New Zealand several weeks ago, and was taken in by foster carer Jessie, along with his sister and four other kittens.

When he was first rescued, Widdle had an upper respiratory infection. With Jessie's help, he recovered quickly, though Jessie reported that Widdle most certainly did not appreciate taking his medication.

Widdle just couldn't keep up with the growth of the other kittens. At 12 weeks old, he was only half the size of his sister. As the other kittens hit their development goals, they were returned to the shelter, but Widdle stayed behind with Jessie. With all of the extra time and care that Widdle required, along with his adorable size, Jessie couldn't help but fall for Widdle's charm. She decided to keep Widdle and officially adopt him as her own.

Though the cause of his small stature is unknown, once he gets older Jessie's veterinarian is hoping that tests will reveal the cause.

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November 07, 2018

We had a kitten like that. He was really sick for the first couple of months and was undersized for a couple of years. He’s now 4 and has grown to be a normal sized cat (or even a bit overweight if I’m honest).

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