These Super Fluffy Maine Coon Kittens Are SO Small It's Hard To Believe They Get SO Big

Did you know? The Maine Coon is the largest domesticated cat breed! They're some of the biggest, most beautiful domesticated cats in the entire world and it's no surprise that cat fanatics and enthusiasts are utterly obsessed with the breed. These big bad boys can easily get up to 18 pounds and up to 40 inches long... but the world record holder for largest domesticated cat ever is a grey-tabby Maine Coon named Stewie. Before he died Stewie measured 48.5 (more than 4 feet!)

Maine Coons also come in up to 75 varieties of coat colors, leaving virtually no room to ever stop being amazed at the majestic beauty these cats have to offer the world. But size and color aside, the full grown adult Maine Coon was once a fluffy, little kitten. If you've never realized how small and delightful the little jelly beans were then you are in for a ridiculous treat because looking at these tiny kittens so filled with fluff, it's hard to imagine that they're not far from rivaling the size of a human toddler once they reach maturity. Maine Coons are the ultimate glow up story, except they were glowing as babies, too.

1. "Le Rouquin"

This coloring is just too freaking precious! Those ears are something else.

2. "My 14-Week-Old Coonie, Django. Handsome As Ever"

I need like 12 of them.

3. "Hard To Believe, But This Is Our Kitten Huxley At 13 Weeks And At 14 Weeks. Maine Coons Grow Up Fast"

Growth happens exponentially for these majestic beasts.

4. "Can You Believe I Used To Look Like This Almost Two Years Ago?"

Alright, now I'm giggling. What about you?

5. "5-Months-Old Cutie"

This beautiful little baby will probably still shoulder perch when she is full grown and we're so stoked about that.

6. "My Lovely Cat At 6-Months-Old"

Fierce as heck.

7. "One Of These Baby Maine Coons Will Be Mine In A Few Weeks"

I'm gonna squeal with delight if I look at this photo for more than 1 second. EEEEEEEE!!

8. "Our Beautiful 4 Months Old Silver Boy"

So. Much. Fluff.

9. "Our Snow Tiger"

This kitten looks like something out of mythology and legends, legit.

10. "I Wake Up To This Every Morning, She's The Best Maine Coon I Could Ask For"

Hello mum, kitty snuggles right meow?

11. "They’re Little Cats"


12. "3 Years Ago Today, Baby Maine Coon Started Practicing His Poses"

Practice makes purr-fect but this little baby appears to have already purr-fected it.

13. "What Do You Think They’re Dreaming Of??"

Happiness noises commencing.

14. "At 16-Weeks-Old, Poor Manny The Maine Coon Is Soon To Outgrow His Favourite Bowl"

Poor bean.

15. "I'm Just Wondering What I'll Destroy Now"

Purr-fectly pondering puss.

16. "The Most Elegant Kitten"

"Hey guise."

17. "Maine Coon Kitten"

The legend, the myth, the reality.

18. "After Months Of Waiting I Finally Got A Maine Coon, Meet Zelda"

So dark and glorious.

19. "The Magnificent Seven"

Magnificent, indeed.

20. "Our Neo"

The tallest ears and the longest whiskers.

21. "Baby Rufio. 8-Weeks-Old"

You know what? He looks like a Rufio.

22. "Alice, 9-Months-Old And Lots Of Floof"

The floof, it grows.

23. "Just Look At This Fluff Ball"

So smol, so fluff.

24. "13-Weeks-Old Atlaz"

This kitty is most definitely going to get BIG.

25. "Our 14-Week-Old Maine Coon Kitten, Luna"

Lovely Luna.

26. "7-Months-Old Maine Coon Thinks He Is A Statue"

To be fair, he is statuesque.

27. "My Productivity Has Been Compromised. Thanks, Lucy (12-Weeks-Old)"

In my honest opinion: worth it.

28. "Cat. She's 7-Months-Old By The Way"

Through the glass.

29. "That Little Tongue"

That's a lot of fluff.

30. "We Got An Orange Flavoured Maine Coon"

Long boi.

31. "Figaro Palmiracoon Boy"

Tall ears, sweet kitty.

32. "Maine Coon Kitten Nana"

Exceptionally tiny... for now.

33. "9-Week-Old Maine Coon Kittens, Waiting For Their Vet Check"

This collection of cats is everything right in the world today.

34. "3-Weeks-Old Maine Coon"


35. "I Think Winston Was A Model In His Last Life"

Past life? I think you mean current life.

36. "3-Months-Old Vs. 6-Months-Old. This Is How Fast They Grow"

The Lightening McQueen of cats. Fast.

37. "Smiling For A Picture, You Know"

Classy and sassy.

38. "Rainy Brooklyn Day. Hanging Out Next To My Dad. We're Paying Bills"

The purr-fect companion for all tasks.

39. "Cute Brother And Sister Moment"

Sweet siblings.

40. "When You’re Running A Bit Late"


41. "Maine Coon Kitten - Atticus"

One of the best things about Maine Coon kitties are their fitting names.

42. "My Beloved Cuties"

A collection worthy of praise.

43. "Nemesis, 3-Months-Old, Just Arrived"

Fresh as heck.

44. "According To The Documents, He Is Pumkin. And I Call Him Birdie. He's 12-Weeks-Old"

12 weeks of purr-fection and more to come!

45. "Look At Her Eyes"

Windows to a universe untold.

46. "Big Black Boy"

Using big loosely... for now.

47. "My 6-Month-Old Maine Coon Cat Brutus"

He is so big for 6 months!

48. "Milky Collection"

A collection of Maine Coon kittens as white as snow? Yes, please!

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