The Top Things Cats On The Internet Have Done This Week To Give Us Some Entertainment

Cats are the best. It's the reason a (very strange) musical was written about them. Okay, it isn't. But if you've got some spare time and you've never seen Cats, look it up and be amazed at the acrobatics involved in people dressed up as cats singing songs about naming themselves. It's a wild ride.

But I digress. Cats are still the best. Cats also receive a lot of attention on the internet, which is why many people love to share what their cats have been up to. Here is a compilation post of some of the best pictures of cats from the last couple of weeks.

These very fashionable cats are sweet as strawberries.

And crazy as bananas.

This tiny cat who has gone out on a very big adventure

They say yawns are contagious

This cat that's just doing it's best and not letting anything stop it from having a good time

This artistic cat having a rest

A parrot playing peekaboo

Okay but getting your cats face on socks? GENIUS

Where do I get them??

This cat opened its eyes for the first time!

I'm so proud of this little baby.

Check out this adorable black cat with a pink nose and jellybeans!

This video showing that cats and dogs can be buddies

What a champion!

Hamster wheels aren't just for hamsters.

This video is actually the cutest thing I've ever seen.

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