Rescuing A Stray Kitten: 6 Months of Love Can Transform A Sad Cat

Rescuing kitties is no small task and rescuing a helpless stray is even harder but for one family, it was worth every step of the way. 

The story of Rufus, the little, ginger, stray kitten found under a vehicle on a hot day will melt your heart. 

When Dee went on vacation and left her cat with a neighbor she had no clue she'd end up coming home with a bonus kitten but that's just how the story unfolded: 

Hiding underneath a nearby vehicle was tiny little Rufus. Alone, pitiful, dirty, and howling with fear.


Dee knew in her heart she would have to take action but she was concerned:

So she rushed home to grab a basket with some food any kitten would be thrilled to devour but when she returned she couldn't find the little kitten anywhere!

Dee wasn't prepared to give up so easily though so she made it clear to her neighbors that she was ready and willing to rescue that kitten.

Thankfully it was only a 2 hour wait before she got the phone call she'd hoped for from her neighbors! They let her know they found the kitten again and she bolted like lightening out the door to rescue the little thing. 

He was so very hungry and Dee just couldn't let him stay on the streets. She brought him home, she took him in. It was her calling.

Reflecting back on the condition Rufus was in those early days will invoke some powerful emotions in any cat lover. Dee described the sweet kitten:

But in the loving home and care of Dee, Rufus quickly learned the meaning of love.

It didn't take long for Rufus to begin to regain strength, gain weight, and relax in the loving comfort of his new home.

Concerned that Rufus may have a home somewhere worried about him, Dee and her family decided to share his photos and make sure that if someone claimed the kitten that they got to have him return home. But nobody contacted them and nobody showed an interest in adopting the little fella. 

It was for the best, though because for Dee and her family, Rufus was leaving quite the impression:

Continuing on, Dee didn't let up on the incredible transformation happening before their eyes of sweet Rufus:

What is Rufus like?

There is no doubt in Dee's mind what life would be like had she not rescued the little kitten that day, too.

And now, it's been a whole 6 months since the little, dirty, crying kitten was found under a vehicle and brought into his new home.

He looks like the poster boy for: happy cat, good life. 

Good for Rufus!

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