This Guy Quit His Corporate Job And Sold His House So He Could go On Adventures With His Cat

Do you sometimes feel like you want to quit your job, buy a camper and travel the world? I'm sure all of us has felt this way before, but yet we go back to our 9-5 jobs that we hate more than anything in the world.

Fortunately, there is one man who decided he had enough of the corporate world so he went out and bought a Volkswagen camper to travel the whole of Australia in.

Richard East is his name and he made this decision when he was done climbing the corporate ladder, had a great job and life, but he still felt like he was missing something. And the missing part was fun and adventure.

He decided he will not be doing this alone and he needed a friend to keep him company. So, he took his fur friend Willow with him on his adventures.

He has been documenting their travels through posting adorable photos on Instagram of him and his beloved cat.

Since he started, he has gained 67,000 followers.

Willow's first home was with Richard's ex-girlfriend. After they broke up it was more practical for Ricard to take Willow with him. And it all worked out for the better because when Richard decided to travel the world he couldn't think about leaving Willow behind, she just had to go with him.

Their bond is now stronger than ever!

Originally from Tasmania, they have traveled to all six Australian states and so they have figured out a routine that works for them. Richard says he and Willow have an  “unspoken agreement” when it comes to her wondering out on her own. She always will find her way back to the camper, but if she gets lost one day, he installed a tracker on her collar for safety's sake.

"She loves to nap on the roof under the solar panel,” Richard said, “Whereas, in winter, she’ll sleep under my blankets all day.”

They have traveled a long way, but they don't intend on stopping now. They keep each destination a mystery as they don't know where they will be going next.

“We’ve settled so well into this new life, any need to get from A to B is now impertinent,” he wrote on his Instagram. “In previous years I would often wake up wondering where I should be, but lately I realize I’m already there.”

Well, they are certainly having their fun and I think we should all just quit life and start traveling. 

It seems much more fun!

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