Truck Driver Finds Unusual Travelling Buddy In His Pet Cat

Truck driver Paul Robertson has found an unlikely travelling companion in his ginger cat, Percy. Now having a companion to lessen some of the loneliness of long-haul truck driving, avid roller-derby fan Robertson, regularly updates his Facebook page with pictures of Percy.

Often, these updates are of the spoiled cat asleep on a soft new blanket or pillow Robertson has purchased for him!

Percy is a rescue cat who sits next to him in the cabin of the truck on a specially made platform. Percy also sleeps alongside him, with the pair having adjacent pillows and lots of room for snuggles!

Percy is a tough rescue cat. Robertson noticed that he has clearly been through a lot, due to the healed injuries around his eye, missing tooth, and cut in his ear.

That hasn't squashed his spirit though--with Percy loving to play and purr.

His Facebook page is flooded with pictures of Percy, and adoring fans. In amongst photos of roller derbies (which Robertson loves) are pictures of the ginger cat (often asleep)!

Some of the comments on the posts are that of gratitude. Thanking Robertson for allowing them to meet his friendly cat.

It isn't all smooth sailing though. One night Robertson thought he had lost Percy.

Percy had jumped out the window in pursuit of a bird. Robertson searched for him for hours in the rain but couldn't find him. After a sleepless night, a heartbroken Robertson had no choice but to continue on his journey.

When he pulled over at the next stop, a dirty ginger cat walked out from under the wheel.

Turns out Percy had hidden underneath the truck and ridden in the undercarriage for 400 miles!

Percy is curious, affectionate, and, most of all loves his cat-dad!

There's nothing like the cuddles from a cat to help ward off loneliness. It just goes to show that sometimes joy can be found in the unlikeliest of places; such as a cat travelling the country in a truck!

Percy and Paul make purr-fect travelling companions. You can follow Percy's adventures here, on Paul Robertson's Facebook page.

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