15+ Times Tumblr Purrfectly Nailed Cat Humor

If you haven't made your way around to the major blogging website, Tumblr, then you are definitely missing out. This rings especially true if you love cats because there are few things Tumblr loves in this world as much as cats. There's blogs dedicated to cats, users dedicated to cats, and more posts than you can even imagine... all about cats. Cats, cats, CATS! 

Beyond the cute fluffy kitten pictures, fun and amusing gifs, and simply endearing videos, by far the best part of the Tumblr-Cat universe is the humor. Tumblr users are the absolute best at nailing the sense of humor that appeals to cat lovers. And yes, we can put our money where our mouth is on this one! I sincerely doubt you'll make it to the end without cracking a smile and sharing a chuckle but you're most likely going to laugh until it hurts!

1. Some cats like leashes and walks.

And then there are the rest of the cats. They do this.

2. When you relate to cats...

Do you know how many females will see this and immediately say, "me." I'll give you a hint: a lot.

3. Facts of Cat Life.

Seriously, there are videos of tigers playing with boxes. All cats are the same. THE SAME.

4. This one is for... science.

Yes, science.

5. King of the Hill?

No, that's not how cats work.

6. One of the fam.

This cat takes that seriously.

7. And so it begins.

We just need a tiny organ placed in front of the kitty.

8. Hella romantic

Meanwhile my date night involves Netflix, pizza delivery, and minimal pants. These cats have more romance than I do.

9. Plunging is the WORST.

I wish someone would plunge for kitty.

10. Classic Cat Meme

There are few cat related jokes on the Internet as good as this one.

11. "The Talk."

No cat parent wants to have it but many have to.

12. Oh well!

One less cookie to eat, one more cookie to love forever.

13. 100%

Please unplug the kitty because staying plugged in is actually bad for battery life.

14. Clowder!

A group of cats is called a "clowder." Do not google "gang of cats," though, because you will get very different results than "group" of cats.

15. Cat lovers have one thing to say:

"Teacher goals."

16. The aristo-cat.

She has good taste in fine art.

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