These Tumblr Posts Expertly Express The Purr-fection Of Cats

Tumblr's popularity has certainly declined over the last few years, particularly after the NSFW ban of 2018, but for those that remained on the site, sharing content and delighting in the platform... there is still much to be enjoyed. Case in point? Cats. That's right, the Internet's Sweetheart, beloved, unadulterated obsession that could only keep Tumblr users active when the porn is gone: cats.

Tumblr users have shared stories, musings, photos, and memes of cats for as far back as Tumblr has existed so it's no surprise that even now they're capable of maintaining that quality cat-tastic energy we've come to know in love and we're here to prove it toady with these fine examples.

1. What better way to kick off this epic collection than with this photo?

Cats are something else, really.

2. Oh my.

What a conundrum for the pinata.

3. Be purr-pared to get teary eyed.

Cats are the best.

4. A most accurate description.

Cat lovers get it.

5. I think we've all been there at least once.

I mean... it's plausible, isn't it?

6. Two kinds of cat lovers:

Amusingly mean and overly nice.

7. Introspective Cat


8. Facial expressions with cats:

Always epic.

9. Hmm, who could possibly have conceived such a thought?

Mostly definitely a cat.

10. Iconic Stages

Reasons to love cats!

11. Obey the master.

Cats are the masters.

12. Tell me more about the void.

We love black cats.

13. Fabulous

Fluffy, Frisky, Fabulous Feline.

14. Frisky host

Best host.

15. The second best part of having cats? Naming them.

(The best part of having cats? Having cats.)

16. Super Zesty

If only our zest could align.

17. Ingenius Plan

It could never fail...

18. Respect the catto

And the cat will respect you back.

19. At least mom owns up to her reality.

I'm still in denial.

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