Fun Facts About Black and White Tuxedo Kitties

I love cats. They are sweet, soft, and mostly self-sufficient. They make great cuddle buddies, and they don't need to go on walks in the middle of the winter or at 6 AM. It's the best.

I think all cats are cute, but who can deny the cuteness of a kitty who looks like they are wearing a tuxedo?! No one, that's who.  So below are cute pictures of cute kitties and fun facts about them to boot! 

Be sure to read this after your own cats go to bed so they won't be too jealous of your cooing over these cuties. 

Tuxedo cats are not gender specific

Unlike some patterns (think calicos being almost exclusively female), tuxedos have an equal showing of females and males. 

Tuxedos don't all act the same.

There is no specific temperament to these types of cats. They are all unique and have their own personalities. 

Their tuxedo pattern is not specific to their breed.

This pattern appears in many different breeds, but there aren't any recognized breeds that try to produce this specific tuxedo pattern. The breeds where it does show up are: Norweigan Forest Cats, Cornish Rex, Persians, British and American Shorthairs, and Maine Coons.

Tuxedo cats are named after the cute color pattern of their fur.

Generally, they have white on their stomachs and chests. Sometimes they have the white on their feet (like little boots!), neck, and chin. Usually, these little guys are black and white, but color can vary.

Scientifically speaking they can be described as bi-colored or piebald.

Genetically this means that they have patches of irregular coloring.

These little dudes are famous!

There have been many famous tuxedo kitties and many famous people who loved tuxedo kitties. The Clintons, Beethoven, Sir Isaac Newton, and William Shakespeare loved these kinds of cats. Sylvester from Looney Tunes was even this kind of kitty!

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