Quimera, A Cat With Two Faces Looks Amazing As Both A Mini Panther Kitty and a Ginger

As a society of avid-internet users, and, more importantly, avid cat lovers; there are few things we love more than a new cat to obsess over. Which is why we’re here to introduce you to Quimera!

I think we can all agree that one of the best things about cats is their cute lil faces. From their twitchy, wet noses, to their streamlined whiskers and their rough tongues, cat faces are usually a sight to behold.

Their fur is one of their defining features and this cat goes double or nothing, and, in fact, and has two beautiful sides to their face. 

The reason for her unique looking face is probably because of genetic chimerism.

When she hides she looks just like a regular cat!

Quimera has racked up an impressive 92 thousand Instagram followers!

She even has a backpack so she can go out on adventures!

Quimera even has an adorable little sister, Kyra.

Aren't they the cutest pair?!

While her markings are not so defined, Kyra definitely looks like her older sister.

Just look at them cuddled up together!

These eyes are mesmerising!

The only thing cooler than the air conditioning? This cat.

Standard cat behaviour

People have even started doing fan art!

And who can blame them!

Here she is mesmerised by the light

I like to imagine she's like a pop star and there's a crowd of people below chanting her name!

Just look at her play!

Scroll on for some more pictures of the incredibly photogenic kitty...

And don't forget to follow her on Instagram!

Her username is @gataquimera.

So you can keep up with her adventures!

And enjoy throwbacks from when she was smaller!

Or admire her fan art (and even contribute your own!!)

You'll definitely "awwhh" over a close up...

And feel the sisterly love!

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