A Cat Is Taking The Internet By Storm With Its Paw-sitively Beautiful Face

Meet Narnia - arguably the most beautiful cat in the world. Narnia, a British Shorthair living in France, is making headlines due to its peculiar markings that split his face perfectly in two. Born on the 28th of March 2017, his breeder, Stephanie Jimenez, fell instantly in love with the cat, who was born with these markings. 

Now that Narnia has grown up, his appearance has become even more distinct, and his looks even more strikingly handsome. Whilst the cause of the markings are unknown, other cats with similar markings are known as chimera cats. Such cats possess cells containing two types of DNA, caused when two embryos fuse together. Because this embryo results in one organism, these cats are technically their own fraternal twins. 

Narnia with his owner, Stephanie Jimenez.

Narnia, born with these markings, has taken the Internet by storm.

Now that he is grown, Narnia's dashing goods looks are even more striking.

Not shy of the camera, Narnia definitely knows how to work the lens.

Owner, Stephanie Jimenez, fell in love with her blue-eyed bundle from the moment he was born.

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