This Real Life Two-Headed Kitten Meows From Both Mouths, And He's Adorable

Nature has a fascinating way of reminding us, no matter how briefly, just how incredible she is. Such was the case recently in Perth, Australia when Quasimodo the cat was born.

Delivered via surgery by a skilled local veterinarian when the mother cat experienced labor complications, the kitten shocked the entire delivery room with his miraculous birth. One of the nurses assisting told her local community website "InMyCommunity" that everyone in the delivery room was completely shocked because while the occasional extra tail or leg is not unheard of, no one present had seen a kitten with two heads born before. 

He's so cute.

After the precious kitten survived the first night he had already stunned everyone but when he meowed simultaneously from both of his mouths, that was a real treat! He has four eyes and two noses with his two mouths, though he has only eaten from one mouth.

Recently, a two-headed kitten was born in Ohio, United States but only survived five short yet miraculous days.

Quasimodo, however, has continued to break the odds and this little white and gray miracle of nature continues to battle on. It was a great sign that he began eating straight away, on his first night of life and he continues to stun everyone around him by doing so well!

The nurse who gave the interview said that his early life indicates positive things for a longer future than one might expect for such an anomaly of an existence. She also explained how this happened!

The nurse and her unique find.

They also are still on the fence about his name since they like both "Mr. Man" and "Quasimodo."

According to the nurse, Quasimodo's existence is the result of a congenital deformity, which happens when something is wrong at the early stage of embryonic development.

For now, the little guy continues to be closely monitored and cared for by a dedicated team of professionals but he seems to be doing just fine. 

What name would you choose for such a unique little kitten?

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