This Cat Is Instagram Famous For His Permanently Disturbed Expression

Instagram is full of people who gain a load of followers by posting good quality content. These influencers are no longer all just skinny white girls (though they definitely have a huge market share). Conventional beauty standards are bring broken down as people who don't match traditional ideas of beauty are becoming popular and celebrated too. This is an amazing thing as it is important that we support and idolise people from all walks of life.

Human influencers are one thing. But what about animals? Beautiful animals gain a lot of attention on the internet, but isn't it time we started celebrating less photogenic creatures? Yes; and the movement is here!

This is Ah Fei.

Ah Fei means "fat" in Mandarin.

Ah Fei lives in China with his owner; who rescued him from the streets.

Ah Fei's owner, Tang Chang, loves to take pictures of him

And share the silly cat's expression with the world

He's not the most photogenic fella

And has a permanent expression of surprise and distress on his cute face

He isn't a fan of wearing things around his neck either

In this one he looks like a middle aged person trying to take a selfie.

Ah Fei is very well loved though

I just think he might need some therapy so he can learn some coping strategies

"No, no!! Don't!"

He sleeps peacefully...

Knowing that despite his worried expression, he is well loved.

AND he has thousands of adoring fans online!!

Follow him on Instagram @tang9599.

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