Ungrateful Cats Who Decided To Not Use The Expensive Gifts Their Humans Got For Them

Cats can be hilarious, strange, emotional, and emotionally indifferent. They are unique creatures and it always brings a laugh when people buy things for their cats, and the cat has absolutely no care about it. Except for the box, that is!

Read on to see these hilarious situations that happened when owners bought gifts for their kitties.

1. I'm not falling for your little trick hooman, that shark will swallow me alive

2. I'm a cat Bertha, these things are way too confusing for me

3. Cats needs to do a lot of evolving for sure

4. I'm your master and I would like to use your human fountain

5. This is natural for me Amanda, stop judging me

6. No matter how expensive your gift may be, Cats will always prefer cardboard boxes

7. Cardboard Boxes>Everything

8. My name is Ash, I belong there

9. Thanks for the gift, what's that big thing next to it?

10. I deserve the best, and this human couch is way better than that thing

11. It's a big conspiracy

12. They're doing it on purpose

13. Thanks for getting me this umbrella thingy

14. I make my own heat, I don't need that stuff

15. They're testing our patience for sure

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