Ginger Cat Visits University Campus Every Day And Helps Stressed-Out Students With Cuddles

A campus of a southern Germany university is regularly visited by a ginger cat, and she knows almost all of the students. The University of Augsburg, Bavaria, has its own student's hugger.

Ever since she appeared on campus, this cat began to share hugs, and she has been returning ever since, with an unlimited supply of cuddles. "Caring about the students is the main goal of the Campus cat besides sleeping, sleeping, sleeping," said Andreas, Campus Cat Secretary.

"Also, the catwalks all around the campus to see all students from every faculty. A lot of students say Campus Cat helps to relax or chill before tests, papers, exams."

This kitty first appeared on campus when she was only one year old, and now, many years after, she is still a frequent visitor. Students love her, and they are overjoyed when she jumps into their laps and starts hugging and caressing. During exam periods, this cat helps students relieve stress and relax.

This cat loves to lay out in the sun and mind his own business. But her favorite place to relax is actually the library! Students are always looking for her when they need a break from study, comfort, or moral support. “It became almost a routine and took away the stress from everyone a bit,” one student explained.

This cat is not a street cat; her home is near campus. School authorities know the owner, and this cat is as well cared for and loved in her home, as she is here. But she simply loves being among people, especially students. She's happy when she jumps into their lap and starts cuddling. There is nothing that can stop this cat from spending time with her student friends.

Her real name remained a mystery, but the students called her “Sammy.”

When Sammy helps with homework

A trusted friend always gives the best advice

Break up, bad exam results, or simply bad day Sammy is here to comfort you

Don’t worry, I’ll keep your coat warm for you.

The cat became a University feature.

For the students around here, this is a super cat, always close when you need her.

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