16 Most Unphotogenic Cats In The Word

When you see those famous cats online you always wonder if your cat could ever become famous as well, so you try to imitate those cat owners by trying to take some pictures of your cat, but what seemed so simple and easy before ended up being one of the hardest things ever, and maybe almost impossible. At the end, you just realize that your cat is just not photogenic at all, in addition to it being a total a-hole and not standing still for the pictures. Not all cats are meant to shine.

1. Mittens is not impressed at all

2. "I see dead people"

3. It was at this moment that Mittens knew, things will never be the same again

4. When you accidentally open your front facing camera

5. Cat.exe has stopped working

6. He's stuck like that forever

7. A cat cosplaying as Miley Cyrus

8. "Where the hell are my ears human"

9. He forgot how to cat


11. When the food is finally ready

12. He just won't allow you to take a picture of him

13. "Does this look like the face of mercy to you ?"

14. Herp Derp

15. Omg noo delete it

16. "I can't even eat in peace"

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