These Twitter Users Are Sharing Hilarious Stories About Their "Mean Cats"

Nicole Cliffe is busy. She's an accomplished writer, managing her own blog, as well as writing for Slate, SELF, Vulture, ELLE, Catapult, The Guardian, and Christianity Today! The Utah based writer has amassed quite a few followers on Twitter and it's not hard to see why! She's witty, intelligent, and fun.

Recently, Nicole asked her followers to tweet stories about their cats. However, not just ordinary every day stories. She requested stories about cats being mean. Look, we love cats more than words could ever properly articulate, but something we all love about cats, without a doubt, is their sass. Their purr-sonalities keep us going most of the time and these stories? They're hilarious. Thanks, Nicole!

I mean, we all want to know it's not just our cat, right?

How dare you.

We all know how smug cats can be.

You'll feel better if you stop competing with the cat, hun.

Share the ice cream? Share it!

Creative problem solving is a required trait when it comes to cats.

Whose bed is it really?

Meow or bite? Bite.

Louis, the sweetest angel of them all, is not always so angelic.

Memorable as heck.

You gotta get creative with cats.

10 points for hilarious creativity.

*Laughs in Cat*

I bet you have hilarious and fascinating stories about your own frisky pets! Share their mischief with us right meow!

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