Veteran's Final Wish Is For His Cats To Find A New Forever Home

In Pensacola, Florida, USA, two cats sit together, bonded for life, in the shelter at the Pensacola Humane Society. It's not unusual for the shelter to house 10 cats at a time, all looking for their forever homes and Florida is no stranger to a stray and feral cat population. But for the two cats bonded together, their search for a forever home is a unique one indeed.

With not much time left to live, a Pensacola veteran of the US military surrendered his beloved felines to the shelter with one final wish: that they would find their forever home.

The cats are sisters, named Scooter and Big Foot, and they've spent the last seven years living together in harmony with the Veteran.

Pensacola Humane Society Executive Director Jennifer Bitner told the local news, who reached out when a concerned visitor brought the story to their attention:

We want to be able to support the community and not just the animal community, but also our citizens of Escambia County; and you start thinking about that fact that this is a veteran and this is literally one of the last things that he is requesting.

Bitner also said that merely a week prior to taking in the sister cats, the shelter was at capacity. They did what they could to make room for the pair, and since they regularly accept applications for foster families, it isn't nefarious. The cats came to the shelter with open arms, and a sincere hope from the community that they could indeed find their forever home for the veteran.

As a veteran to this country and what that stands for and how important the military is to this particular community, my hope is that someone will want to grant him his wish and come take these two little guys together and provide them their forever home

Their story was even featured on the local news, you can see their episode here:

We have nothing but the highest hopes for a helpful community and two, sweet cats.

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