Why You Should Start Taking Your Cat Out On A Leash

One of the greatest joys in life is seeing someone walking their pet, but instead of a dog at the end of the leash; it's a cat! Dogs out on a leash are a dime-a-dozen, but should we be taking our cats out for walks too? Yes, of course!

It's unlikely that you'd get your cat to jog alongside you (like some dogs do), but if you have the time (and patience) taking your cat for a walk is a highly beneficial activity--for both you and your feline friend. We all know about the health benefits of walks for humans, of which there are just as many for cats!

Given that many humane societies and animal advisers are actually against cats being allowed to come and go as they please, taking a cat out on a walk is the perfect way for them to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors in a safe manner.

Outdoor cats have a higher risk of illness and injury than indoor cats, so if you don't have a secure enclosure, taking them out on a lead is a much safer option.

Before taking them for a walk, it is important to train them so they don't become unhappy and overwhelmed.

Make sure you've purchased a secure and comfortable harness, and then let your cat wear it for a few minutes each day until the kitty becomes used to it.

When walking your cat, it's important to let the cat lead, and make sure your cat is happy and not in any danger. Cats are curious creatures, so chances are it'll want to have a look around, before settling down for a nap!

Some cats love being out on a lead, while others may not. It's obviously very important to make sure that your cat is happy and enjoying itself. If your fur-baby doesn't like it--then don't do it!

Some crazy cats love being outside on a lead so much that they are able to accompany their humans on incredible adventures, but there's nothing wrong with a stroll to the local park!

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