This Cat Crashed Their Wedding To Cozy Up On A Nap And We're Not Even Mad

Brazilian couple Bruna Rizzo and Paulo Henrique Camargo probably didn't expect their wedding day to go viral at all, let alone courtesy of the world's cutest wedding crasher. Yet that is precisely what happened when a beloved church cat couldn't resist the temptation of a cozy spot to curl up and relax... when he chose the bride's dress as the purr-fect spot. Curling up on the train of the dress, the cat and the wedding would be im-paws-ible not to talk about for cat fanatics around the world.

While some might be superstitious of the black cat's appearance, real cat lovers know this was a gift from the cat: a blessing, you might say. What could be better to bless your vows and nuptials than the love of a cat? Nothing, I tell you, nothing!

Cats are notorious for one of two purr-sonality traits: ignoring the crap out of you or refusing to be ignored by you. There really is no happy medium, it's all or nothing and you never know which side you'll get at any given point in your day.

In an interview, photographer Wagner Breciane recalled the adorable moment:

The other photographer, Timothy Sodre, had already seen him outside and found out that it was a cat that had the habit of entering the church since he was very dear to one of the priests. But we did not expect him to lie down exactly on the bride’s dress.

The wedding took place at the Cristo Redentor Church in Vitória, Espírito Santo. According to, parish staff are already accustomed to cats circling during Mass because one of the priests takes care of the local cats.

At the time, the bride did not want to look when her fiance, very-soon-to-be husband told her of their surprise guest, but everyone else in attendance was delighted and amused.

Later, the bride said she did a thorough Internet research and came to the conclusion that the wedding crasher was definitely a sign of good luck.

Truly, there is no better way to celebrate your big day than with the blessing of a cat?

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