Cat Got "Violently High" After Stealing And Eating Her Human's Weed Cookie

When it comes to edibles, they're no joke. Joel Warner, an author who wrote about edibles discussed how you might experience a 'punch' if you've never tried an edible before: "In short, most edible marijuana is metabolized by the liver, which then produces a kind of THC that has a bigger psychedelic punch than the THC that reaches your blood plasma when you smoke it. So when you finally feel the edible’s effects, it will likely be more powerful than what you’d get from a joint – plus the high will last much longer, up to 12 hours!"

That sounds like a good time for a human, but for a 12 pound cat? BIG YIKES. Animals have no idea what's happening when they're high. It's not a good time.

Veterinary Information Specialist Audra Stillabower lists common symptoms for animals experiencing marijuana toxicity as:

sedation/lethargy, dilated pupils or glassed over eyes, dazed expression, difficulty walking and vomiting, either a low or high heart rate, vocalization such as whining or crying, agitation, trouble regulating temperature causing the body temperature to drop or rise and incontinence/dribbling urine, tremors, seizures and potentially coma.

While this story today might lead you to giggle, please do not try this with your pets. If your pet consumes edible marijuana, call your veterinarian or the Pet Poison Helpline at 800-213-6680.

Carmine Deville turned to Twitter when her fur-baby ate an entire weed cookie. Highlighting the typically humorous nature of her precious puss, she titled her thread: "My horrible gremlin kitten snarfed an entire weed cookie and got v i o l e n t l y high the other day: a thread."

Entirely aware of the seriousness of the situation, she prefaced her cautionary tale with straight facts. The cat is fine and it's her fault as the human caretaker.

Spoiler Alert, she was wrong.

So anyways I had a cookie in the freezer and put it on top of the fridge to thaw and left it there while I used the restroom, thinking it was safe inside its paper wrapping and three plastic freezer bags.

It's a good thing the chocolate chips were left untouched, because chocolate is worse for cats than marijuana is.

She said: "So I walk in on this and see the shredded bags and crumbs and my cats casually licking themselves and just kind of..."

The Burlesque dancer and model panicked.

Instant "They're both stupid enough, which one did it?" panic attack. I Google how to make cats puke. Cue 30 minute montage of me crying while rolling my cats up in towels and force feeding them peroxide in alteration while they struggle. (Spoiler alert: it didn't work.)
These cats were born and raised in dumpsters and are one with the trash. Vomiting cannot be induced. So at this point it's too late to do anything except wait and see who gets high as balls. And unsurprisingly, it was my raccoon shitten, Carmilla.

And with time, she was easily able to figure out which cat ate the cookie. It was Carmilla.

Carmilla began to learn "regret."

She described every detail along the way.

Béla Lugosi stayed with her and gave me his signature stink eye while she descended into a stoned stupor, as if it were my fault his sister transformed into a barely sentient breadloaf #CarmillaKitten #hellcats

"I like dis paw, dis a nice paw."

Eventually she stumbled into the bedroom and cried for me to pick her up and put her on the bed, where she proceeded to sit like this and stare at her paws and tail for a concerning length of time

I'm not saying I know that feel but yes I kind do know that feel.

Working through this high was anything but fun.

Eventually the sweet cat sobered up.

No moral to the story? Well, that part is debatable.

Carmine concluded with:

There's no moral to the story but in summary, please do your drugs before your cats do because this was horrible and the only way I can deal is to joke about it on the internet. The goblin in fine. Thanks for joining us for Carmilla's Big Drug Adventure 2020.

A lot of people laughed, some people commiserated with their own cautionary tales.

Pets: will eat anything but the food you spend money on.

A nasty mess.

This kind soul shared an important resource.

A $1,200 lesson.

Another wild ride.

So, the real moral of the story is that while we are all comfortable laughing after the fact, we should take it seriously when our pets eat marijuana edibles...and get them checked out just incase!

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