Twitter Users Share The Weirdest Things Their Cats Do And We Were Not Prepared

I'm willing to assume with a clear conscious that at the very least, 99.99% of people who have ever had a cat have at least once looked at their cat and muttered something to the tune of, "what the actual heck are you doing?"

Of course, I assume a lot of people may have used a lot more profanity but that's neither here nor there. The reality that we are here to discuss is that cats are freakin' weird.

Are they liquid? Probably. Do they defy physics? Definitely. They're even super-duper good at camouflage, which bothers me a little because that's definitely not how they were advertised.

No longer shall you sit in the dark and wonder, "am I the only one with a weirdo for a cat?" Alas, Twitter user Sub-Tero has helped answer that timeless question by proposing to the Twitter community that they share their cat's unusual behaviours and the responses were hysterical and mystifying, to say the least.


Such gentlemen.

You can see the video here.

But wait, there's more. There's adorable photos.

Okay, I'm not even mad about this, this is purr-fectly precious.

If he fits, he sits. Cozy is cozy.

...What a DIVA.

Seems like a fun enough game to me.

The Princess has spoken.

"My life is going to sh*t."

...OH NO

Some of us would kill to sleep this good.

"Mine steals my wallet and makes me chase it around the house."

Rude but the video is funny as heck.

"I don't know how to feel about it, he always looks at me like this from doors."

He is plotting your untimely demise. RIP.

"If the bathroom door is open, mine will turn on the shower."

He looks so offended but he did this to himself.

"Sleep like this."

That is very weird, you're right.

She is better than a person, she is a cat.

Spooky theory, I hate it. But I love the cats.

Username checks out.


That's not weird, that's great. Do you have any idea how much money you've saved on litter?

Hint: A LOT.

Ahh, good times, good times.

There are only two possibilities.

He is either protecting you or plotting.

SMH, of all the places to snuggle up...

Smart as heck.

Sorry, can't blame him for this one!

"My cat brings me letters."

"Mine opens the window and lets the terrible cold pass in."

This is a determined cat.

Do you feel guilty?

Relatable but still weird, it's okay.


"My cat kicks his face and his tails."

And he is adorable.

Well, fair enough. This cat has some bite to their meow.

Does YOUR cat do anything super duper weird? Share in the comment section right meow!

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