Cat Is Quite Perplexed When Her Owner Pulls Off The Viral #WhatTheFluffChallenge

The #WhatTheFluffChallenge is adorable and usually done on super adorable dogs who are honestly shocked and try to find their owner ASAP. A couple people have tried it on cats, but they generally have acted like a cat and did not care whatsoever, 

Basically what you do is:

1. Stand in a doorway facing your fluffy pal

2. Hold up a blanket that covers the entire width of the door frame

3. Duck down and make sure the blanket covers your whole body

4. Drop the blanket and simultaneously run into the other room

5. Laugh at your pets' reaction

First he tries to yell her name to make sure she is paying attention, because cats. "Pippppper!"

He gets into position behind the blanket so she can't see him anymore.

And, suddenly, he's gone!

Piper is slightly shocked. She perks up!

She slowly sits halfway up, ears forward, concerned...

And the best part of her reaction, she jumps off the couch and stands on her hind legs like a person!

She just stands there for a while, truly shocked. Completely forgetting to act like a cat!

Here's the whole video!

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