9-Year-Old Boy Builds Tiny Wheelchair For His Furry Kitten In Need Of Help

When 9-year old, João, from Brazil met a litter of cute kittens belonging to his neighbor, there was one special little tabby in particular he immediately fell in love with.

So, when he realized his new little buddy was struggling to walk, he knew he had to do something to help her.

João was heartbroken to see all the kittens happily running and playing whilst his favorite kitty was left all alone and unable to join in.

Right away, João began brainstorming ideas as to how he could help the little kitten use her legs. He decided to start collecting tiny parts and making plans to build a custom wheelchair for the sweet kitten.

9-year old João was instantly smitten with the adorable little tabby.

Once João had finished building the tiny wheelchair, he brought it straight over for his furry friend to try out.

The kitten was walking within minutes, much to the delight of the little boy and his neighbors!

João and the little tabby formed a special bond immediately.

The tiny kitten wearing the wheelchair made for her by her special friend, João.

Watch the tiny tabby in action here!

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