Purrfectly Wholesome Posts About Cats You're Going To Love

Sometimes, cats get a bit of a bad reputation. We sometimes, hilariously, focus on cats being naughty or cats being jerks. However, the truth is that is just a moment of a cat's day. They are truly frisky, but they're also some of the sweetest creatures the earth has to offer humanity. They are compassionate cuddle buddies and empathetic, emotional companions. They're the reason many of us look forward to coming home every day.

It's high time we take a moment to reflect on the good nature of cats, the wholesome good news that gives us those happy feels. After all, cats deserve that recognition and celebration.

1. Whose kitten is it?


2. In what universe was this kitten ugly?

A very ignorant one.

3. The longer you look, the more you see.

There are so many emotions you probably didn't even know cats posses expressed in this one photo.

4. The best.

Don't overlook the special needs cats, they have so much to offer.

5. A purr-manent bond.

Don't come between a kid and his cat.

6. Revenge will be swift.

You will regret everything.

7. "We're not adopting, we're just checking out the process."


8. This cat knew precisely who to butter up.

There's few things in life as precious as a grumpy dad who reluctantly falls in love with a cat.

9. Twenty-Two Years

And neither facial expression has changed a lick.

10. Scarlett and a mother's love.

She deserves all the treats. ALL of them.

11. Cozy Catto

That looks like a cozy carpet fit for a cat.

12. Cats may be sassy and spunky...

But they're also social cuddle creatures.

13. Whoever said dog's were a kid's best friend never saw a cat and a kid.

Cats may seem temperamental to some, but they have an abundance of love and tolerance to offer the right child.

14. That's rough.

Poor Pepe.

15. A sign, a symbol, a gift.

It was simply meant to be.

16. Absolutely everything about this is purr-fection.

Have you ever seen a "not a cat person" look so lovingly at a precious kitten? NEVER. This is the freakin' cutest.

17. "Cheer up, human."

Now, that's love.

18. "I meowed back."

Look at that lil jelly bean.

19. Forever Love

Best friends.

20. Emotional Support Catto

Fireworks are ruff for doggos, but this cat understands.

21. Maximum fluff and crystal blue eyes?

Audible d'awh.

22. Everything is better with kittens.


23. Head Boops:

The ultimate gift.

24. Cats can read emotions very well.

They know when you need a giggle.

25. Time makes relationships with cats better.

They've been working on this for a long time.

26. "What's that?"

"Our human."

27. Before and After

It's amazing how love heals.

28. Lil Nub


29. Companions

Neighbourly lovin'

30. Calming Vibes

Family love! The doctor can be scary for any species.

31. Nugget knows what's good in life.

Forts. Forts are good.

32. Ella just needed the right home.

Some people return cats for the worst reasons, but it all works out in the end.

33. "You're amazing, momma."

So sweet!

34. Sometimes dads gotta find their own path to cats.

This journey was obviously worth it.

35. "Well, hello there."

Day made even better thanks to: cats.

36. It's called ART

I'm just glad OP clarified it's edible. (The glitter, not the cat. Don't eat cats.)

37. Safety is a top purr-ority

Construction workers love cats, too.

38. Clearly, everyone needed a turn cuddling the cat.

Can you blame them? I cannot.

39. Ralph says, "it's time to play!"

Social as heck.

40. All the cuddles.

Every single one.

41. A face that screams gratitude.

No attitude. Just love.

42. Years:

And every moment a blessing.

43. Boop the snoot!


44. Cats are notorious for not loving car rides.

Which makes this extra adorable.

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