Wholesome Tweets About Cats & Dogs To Give You Those Heartwarming Feels

The world has been dark lately, hasn't it? It feels like there's just not much good left in society, and that constant in your face dumpster fire can really drag you down. Now, I'm not saying you should completely turn a blind eye to the serious issues that need our attention, but sometimes you gotta re-charge your internal battery and lift your own spirits. What better way to cheer yourself up than turning to the animal side of Twitter?

Twitter might be a source of frustration at times but it's a great place to share wholesome and hilarious tweets about your pets, and if there's anything that can cheer people like us up... it's giggling and laughing at adorable and funny animals!

Existential Crisis Doggo

The bath changes everything.

Is your dad grumpy? Does he insist he doesn't want a dog?

He's lying.

Spicy Sky Raisins?

Not as much fun as they sound.

Neighborly Love

The purr-fect love story DOES exist.

Doggos having a heckin' good time.

This is the happiest video I've ever seen.

It's called FASHION

This cat is ready for the cat-walk.

Speaking of fashion...

How's this for combining function and fashion? Fabulous.

Bruce wanted mashed potatoes...

Can you believe they didn't give him any? I am just appalled.

Iconic photographic image of Chips the cat.

I would treasure this always and forever.

Spending our money wisely these days.


Companion as heck.

Everyone deserves someone who loves them as much as this doggo loves her human.

Smart kitty!

When you learn a new trick, it's important to do it over and over again.

This little furball is just too good at his begging game.

He's an ex-purr-t.

Proof that jealousy isn't always an issue.

Just look at this dog's priceless reaction to her new puppy friend!

Dog.Exe has malfunctioned

Sorry, you're going to have to turn him off and back on again.

Pretty Pupper Paws

A noodle is a noodle no matter how dry.

I have a lot of feelings.

They're mixed between horror and amusement. Snapchat, what have you done?

The great ham sandwich mystery.

This is definitely worth hootin' and hollerin'

Expressive as heck.

What a sweet baby.

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