Window Licking Shelter Cat Tries His Best To Get Adopted

In the world of pet shelters, you have to look cute, act cute, and be cute in order to get adopted. But even then with so many cats and so little people looking for furry friends, sometimes you have to do more than just be cute to find yourself a home.

That is exactly what three-year-old shelter cat, Sigmund, did. This quirky cat found an odd way to get himself noticed by not only the staff but also potential new families.

Have you ever seen a cat do this before?

Not many people had! And although he looked strange Sigmund just kept on licking.

This super cute behavior worked! And Sigmund found a new family who adopted him into their home!

However, after only two weeks they had to bring him back to the shelter, saying he was too rough. Poor Sigmund! He was known for being a cuddly kitty, but like most other cats when he decided enough was enough he was sure to let you know about it! Anyway, it was back to the shelter for Sigmund, but was he discouraged? Of course not!

Sigmund was right back to his old tricks!

Oh Sigmund! Look at that tongue!

He kept going, and going, and going...

You've got to give him credit, I've never seen windows so spotless!

Luckily for Sig, he has now been adopted by his real forever family, and they love him for all this grumpiness, quirkiness, and how clean he keeps their windows! 

This is a message for shelter animals near and far, sometimes your strangeness is just what somebody loves most about you.

You may think that rats and cats getting along would only happen in an alternate universe, right? If so then you have probably never before heard of rats rescuing kittens. It's a thing, and it's too precious for words!

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