Woman Dies Within Hours of Losing Her Beloved Cat

When Gabby the cat met her sweet human, "Grandma", the two formed a special bond almost right away.

Gabby was brought into Grandma's home along with two other shelter cats for Grandma to choose from.

“The other two hid and furniture had to be moved to get them back in the carrier,” said Judy Caponigro, one of the shelter volunteers.

But the connection between Gabby and Grandma was instant.

The sweet grandmother loved to read and Gabby quickly became her "book buddy."

“It was a favorite time for her not only because of her love of books but because Gabby would be right there next to her snuggling in for the duration. She was a big cuddlier. Whenever and wherever Grandma sat down, Gabby was right there,” Caponigro said.

Each morning, Gabby would wake Grandma up by walking on her head, and each night they would cuddle up together.

The pair were inseparable. They were soulmates.

Unfortunately, they were both declining in health at the same time. Gabby began secluding herself and Grandma was barely able to eat anymore. Eventually, Grandma realized it was time to let Gabby go.

Grandma had the heartbreaking task of having to take Gabby to be put to sleep. Gabby passed away in Grandma's arms and when Grandma returned home, she was understandably distraught.

She decided to take a nap, and within hours, Grandma herself passed away.

“Grandma was always worried what would happen to Gabby if she passed first. I do believe that helping Gabby in her final journey, gave Grandma a sense of peace and permission to move on,” Judy said.

Rest peacefully Gabby and Grandma!

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