Woman Refuses to Share A Bed With Her Boyfriend Because She'd Prefer To Sleep With Her Cat Instead

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There are many reasons why couples may choose to sleep in separate rooms - from loud snoring to clashing schedules, to the husband leaving the toilet seat up one too many times and being sidelined to the couch for the night. But one woman has shocked even us with the reason why she never shares a bed with her boyfriend. - she'd much rather sleep with the cat.

Holly Brockwell, 32, and boyfriend Zack Fox, 26, have lived together for just over two years. When Holly got a new kitten, Zack objected to her staying in the bedroom with them, and it wasn't long before Holly moved into the spare room to stay with her.

Fast-forward to 18 months later, and the couple are still happily spending the night in their own separate bedrooms. Once they settled into their new routine, they found it improved their relationship so much that the couple agreed to make it a permanent arrangement. After cuddling on the sofa and watching TV together in the evenings, Zack, an assistant TV producer, is in bed by midnight, while night-owl Holly is often awake as late as 3 am. 

Holly Brockwell, pictured with boyfriend, Zack Fox, sleep in separate rooms so that Holly can stay with the cats.

Holly says, “[at first] Zack wasn’t thrilled... She was also quite a feisty cat and used to attack Zack’s ankles, which he didn’t appreciate.”

18 months later, they’ve even decorated their own rooms, with Zack putting up Pokemon posters while Holly went for pink décor.

Night-owl Holly is often awake as late as 3am, while Zack goes to bed at around midnight.

Holly said the arrangement doesn't affect their sex life.

Holly said, “It’s really improved our sleep, which has made us happier, but having physical space is also good for mental health, so it has a positive effect."

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August 29, 2018

Damn, i’d never Trade sleeping with my man to stay up late and sleep with cat. It’s just as important and bonding as sex to me.

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