People on Twitter Show Off Their Cats That Go To Work Along With Them And We're Pretty Jelly

In terms of animals with jobs, people mostly think of dogs who guide the blind or assist with security in various locations as that has been commonly seen in our day to day lives for many years.

However, what is not commonly thought of are the other animals working hard to make a living. An example of these animals are cats. Here are a selection of hard working cats who are doing various tough jobs (like nursing, housekeeping and even police) and the internet cannot stop talking about them.

Let's give these hard working cats the recognition they truly deserve.

A Nursing Cat


For the Love of Books

Assistant Tow Truck Driver

Kitty Cop

Snuck Into a Nursing Home and demanded a Job

Cat Scan Assistant

‘Dirt’, the Cat Working the Nevada Railway That Never Looks Clean

Billboard Cat Advertising a Nearby Garage Sale

Security Guard

Hardware Store Assistant

Cockroach Manager

Colonel Mittens

Store Security - Better Than CCTV

Meowtain Rescue

A Cat Ready for the Tough Job

Station Master Kitty At Kishi Station

Hennessy - Liquor Store’s Employee of the Month

Local hardware Store has Kitty Named Ace as a Greeter

Greeting People at The Drive Thru While on his Break

The Doctor Will See You Meow

Oscar the Truck Repair Cat

This Nursing Home has a Therapy Cat

Oscar the Police Station Cat

When a Pet Runs a Local Pet Store

What do you think of these hard working cats? Do you know of any other hard working animals?

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