Cat Insists On Helping Mom Work From Home, And It's Adorably Distracting

Percy has been a little trouble maker since his kittenhood. He loves his family so much that he is constantly attempting to get their attention. It's all he ever does all day long, and he always succeeds.

Percy usually roams the house as he pleases while his humans are at work, but he was recently forced to share his kingdom with his mom who started working from home, and he absolutely loves it.

As the lockdown began, Percy's mom, Robinson had to work from home everyday day and her naughty coworker would always be around, trying to steal her attention. 

The things he does are so adorably distracting and how could you hate that?

“He loves being picked up but hates pats,” Jessy Robinson, Percy’s mom, told The Dodo. “He bites (not hard, usually) and he screams for attention. We all love him so much.”

“I started WFH three weeks ago,” Robinson said. “He was thrilled. He is an attention seeker!”

“At least half of the day he is trying to get my attention,” Robinson said. “The rest of the day he sleeps on the chair or floor next to me.”

Whenever Robinson starts working with her computer, Percy immediately joins her and starts contributing to her work in various adorable ways. For the most part, he usually tries his hardest to distract her from working, but Robinson can't complain to HR.

Percy loves having his mom around all day long, and he's taking advantage of the situation the best way he could.

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