Here's Why Cats Will Dominate The World Someday

In some alternative universe, cats have probably already dominated their world and imposed their sassy rules on everyone, but on earth, it's still work in progress, although, it's getting closer than you might think.

The internet is a very powerful tool and cats seem to have full control of it since most of the content that is uploaded on it daily purely consists of cat memes and videos.

Since we love cats so much, we've decided to help them reach their goal by introducing you to this adorable gallery that contains some concrete proof of their majestic abilities.

1. They can shift into liquid form in order to adapt to their environment

2. They can be doughy too, if they feel like it

3. Some of them have funny ears

4. Their feet are literally beans

5. Although, those beans can shift into dangerous weapons of mass destruction

6. They're like...super sassy and sometimes they cross their legs

7. They fold them too

8. They're super unpredictable, you'll never see it coming

9. They often have double-lives

10. They try to their own way

11. Sometimes they might choose to act like's pretty creepy

12. They will destroy everything you love but it'll be adorable

13. They're always incredibly adorable when they're sleeping

14. They can have hidden talents

15. They're easily spooked

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