Photo Guide

We're here to help you take the perfect photo, to get the absolute best quality art of your cat. 

It's so simple you can even use your smartphone, so lets get started!

Good Lighting

Make sure that your photo has good lighting. Photos taken outside, or in a well lit room always look best. This will allow our artists to make a true representation of your cat.

Front Facing

We're able to make a much better design when we can see your cat's whole face, including their chest. Works best when your cat is standing rather than sitting.

Here's an example!

Choose Products

Choose the product(s) you want. We have socks, mugs, phone cases, canvases and more! You'll be able to upload your photo and choose a background color.


Our artists will design your product and ship it off to you as soon as possible. Once you get it, make sure to show off by sharing the photo on social media using the #catsoncatnipco hashtag.